Boots – Dos & Don’ts

Fri, Nov 13, 2009

Boot Fashion

boots don'ts & dosAll you wonderful bootistas… we all love boots and we know how hot they are… drooling over them.  Yet, there are ways to totally ruin that fab pair of boots by practicing some cardinal Don’ts.


  • One foolproof look is wearing boots with a sleek shirt & jeans.  Simple, easy, and classic.
  • Do mix the delicate with the rugged – flowy chiffon blouse with biker boots.
  • Do show some skin with cutout boots (not your cheeks)!
  • Wear thigh highs without looking like a prostitute… remember Pretty Woman?  Instead pair them with a tunic top, leggings/tights, and jacket for casual-chic style like Lindsay Lohan.
  • If you love the traditional western boots, go for the short ones.  They are much cuter and stylish than the tall cowboy boots..
  • Wear bold/colorful boots!  Remember to keep your outfit simple when wearing statement boots.


  • Don’t wear boots with sweats, not even those UGGs or flat boots… such a sloppy look.
  • Don’t go slouch on slouch – wear your tall scrunch boots over leggings or skinnies, never over baggy pants.
  • Be careful of patterns on patterns.  I saw some Burberry print boots with plaid pants… definitely a don’t.
  • And please, stay away from those tacky Crocs & childish rain boots.

Here are more of the Do’s & Don’ts of boots.

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